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HIPAA Compliant Websites That Rank on the First Page

Your practice website represents a critical function for your business. It can help acquire new patients, act as a communication portal for existing patients, and allow sensitive information to be submitted. If your practice website has even the potential for transmitting health information of an individual, then the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) should be considered. Running afoul of HIPAA may cause healthcare entities to become liable for thousands or millions of dollars.

Samples of Our HIPAA Compliant Websites

How do We Make Your Website HIPAA Compliant?

There are several government regulations for HIPAA Compliance, here's a description of how we meet them to achieve a perfect blend of FORM AND FUNCTION!


All info transmitted over the Server is encrypted. The backup sites are also encrypted on an off site server for protection should anything happen to the live website. 


In order to comply with the Omnibus requirement, all clients who have a HIPAA compliant site have a Business Associate Agreement with US Lead Network.


HIPAA requires items to be permanently disposed of when no longer needed. We can dispose of both the website and any backups that exist.


The HIPAA compliant websites have two levels of password protection, the server is password protected, and the form software is protected as well.

Patient Portal

US Lead Network will work with your EMR provider to integrate your portal seamlessly into the website. This may include patient registration or medical records!

Secure Email

US Lead Network sets up HIPAA compliant emails for patients. This is important as patients will be submitting protected health information frequently.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. We place SSL Certificates on websites to protect and encrypt any transmitted information.

Form Software

US Lead Network uses contact form software that is HIPAA compliant. We also have a Business Associate Agreement in place with the company!

About US Lead Network 

With a focus on healthcare web services, we build custom, HIPAA Compliant websites and help them achieve first page rankings. We have a medical content team as well as a paid advertising team too!



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